LinkedIn Daily 5 Marketing Checklist

LinkedIn Daily 5 Marketing Checklist

2nd March 2019 in Checkify Blog

LinkedIn Daily 5 Marketing Checklist

LinkedIn is the largest social network for B2B businesses and networking so linkedIn marketing is something you should be investing time in.

LinkedIn can be highly effective lead generator for business growth but with time being so precious in a busy day its easily be forgotten.

Here we have a quick and easy to follow LinkedIn daily marketing checklist to maintain a presence, retain relationship and start building new business connections in a small amount of time per day. This marketing tips checklist aims to keep connections in as little as 10 minutes a day.

Make LinkedIn Connections

Review Profile & Accept connection requests
Send a Welcome and Thank you for connecting message to open communications. This can be saved and used with each initial connection.

Build LinkedIn Relationships

Review & Reply to Messages to start building a relationship.
Aiming to be interesting, ask questions and add value

LinkedIn Status Update

Daily Post to show your authority & credibility in your niche keeping you at the forefront of connections minds
Share your Blog posts with a constructive comment.
These can take time to get together so consider scheduling posts. By keeping a few days ahead you have flexibility if you get really busy.

LinkedIn Engagement Response

Respond to EVERY comments on your status
Review Notifications and Activities and respond accordingly to all forms of engagement
Send out connection requests to people who have positively commented or reacted to your posts

LinkedIn Network Engagement

Engage with your connections content as networking is a two way thing
Newsfeed Engagement post likes, comments and share good content that is good for your connections in your niche.

This LinkedIn Daily 5 Marketing Checklist will help you cover the basics to be present on the platform and your connections dont forget who you are.

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