Three types of business processes

Three types of business processes

25th February 2019 in Checkify Blog

Three types of business processes

Business processes is mapping processes and sub-processes down to activity/task level
Business processes can be structured into three types according to Mark Von Rosing of The Complete Business Process Handbook: Body of Knowledge from Process Modeling to BPM.

Operational processes
Supporting processes
Management processes

These processes are to help make your business scalable and efficient.

Operational Processes

Operational Process or primary processes: Producing and delivering the goods and services to customers the core business processes.
Defining the primary activities of a company like taking orders from customers, opening an account,
managing bank accounts and manufacturing a component.

Supporting Processes

Supporting processes or secondary processes: Day-to-day operations of your business like documentation, recruitment, customer service, human resources HR, technical support, marketing, shipping, verification, training, workplace safety and accounting audit are all supporting processes.

These processes do not provide value directly to the customers but the business itself.

Management Processes

Taking a task from start to finish as they are focused on planning, financial, employees and projecting the future of company operations.
Oversee operational processes and allocate resources, defining timeframes and checking that the systems are in place to complete the other processes but do not provide value directly to the customers.

These types of business processes can document your business process management procedures which are called Standard operating procedure SOP

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