an easy to follow checklist of essential tasks to get any website on track.

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Creating and launching websites is getting faster and simpler but do you really know what's going on under the bonnet? Thats where Checkify comes in by helping website owners and developers get the very best from their online presence. A comprehensive checklist of tasks that can be customised to get your website looking great for your visitors while ensuring you are socially connected and benefiting from improved search engine optimisation.

easy to follow

checklists of tasks to help the build process and improve website quality.

no setup

we run everything on our servers. no special software or new installations required.


customise checklists with your own task for all of your projects.

quality control

never miss crucial items or forget important tasks when launching any website.


ensure all aspects of your web projects are complete before launch or relaunch.

great resource

checklist items have links to resources that help you take action and fix crucial issues.

all covered

invaluable checklists for design, marketing, SEO, social media, validation and much, much more.


high quality websites rank higher in search engines and improve user experience.