Checklists with Superpowers

The easiest way to create & manage team checklists, processes, procedures and tasks

Empower your team to fly using checklists

Checklists with superpowers

Checklists guide your team to get things done perfectly every time

Created for Team Task Collaboration

Checklists focus priorities and avoid human error

Checklists Made Easy 1

Create Custom Processes

Quickly create structured documentation as a master checklist in seconds.

Checklists Made Easy 2

Verify Completion

Never miss important tasks or deadlines and get live information on completed processes.

Checklists Made Easy 3

Log Activity

Keep track of all the changes made to a task in a chronological order

Checklists Made Easy 4

Collaborate With Your Team

Assign steps to individuals, multiple team members or groups.

Checklists Made Easy 5

Run Multiple Instances

Manually run or schedule checklists whenever required.

Checklists Made Easy 6


Get updates about the task progress without being assigned to do it.

Simplify the process to create, share, track, and complete tasks.

Checklists Made Easy 7
Simple Flexible Workflow & Process Management‚Äč

Manage your team’s recurring checklists, workflow, tasks, business processes and procedures.

Create smart, automated checklists to manage workflow and reduce errors.

Increase productivity while guaranteeing things get done how you want every time!

Track what is happening at any time!


Define processes in simple step checklist


Select the best team member for tasks


Keep up to date with progress


Keep up to date with progress