Team Checklists Made Easy

Design. Assign. Track. Analyse.
In shared collaborative checklists

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A new way to manage your team's processes

Design: Define processes in simple step checklist

Ensure your processes are performed the same way by everyone, every time.

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Assign: Select the best team member for tasks

Assign people to a checklist, set a time scale for completion, and then we'll notify them.

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Track: Keep up to date with progress 

Easily track your team's performance and increase accountability.

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Analyse: See what’s working and what’s not 

Identify strengths and weaknesses, Optimise processes, and then adapt quickly

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Transform your business with the simplicity of checklists.  

Manage the day to day processes and never miss another task again.
Set up in minutes. Check it don't forget it!


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checklists made easy.
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