Process Management identifies opportunities for continuous improvement

Every business has processes and  identifying where improvements can be made and ways to improve efficency.

BPMS help decrease costs and increase productivity

Streamline business processes by cutting out waste and  inefficient tasks.

Improve business processes through quick and simple  optimisation 

How easy is it to start creating Busineess Processes?

As easy as pie. If you have never documented your business processes. Start small and slowly grow and devlope a process library
Step 1
Start with a one off task. Break  that task into small manageble steps.
Once happy make this into a tasklist to be reused over and over again.
Step 2
Task List
Tasklist a a number of tasks joined together as they are part of a certain processs. Keep modifying each stage until you feel its really great. 
Step 3
Now its time to convert into a Checklist. A checklist is a list of tasks but also with a guide on how the task should be completed.
Now you have created a checklist with detailed descriptions, a how to guide on how to complete a certain task. It is a business process and means anyone can complete it.