The Checkify Story

How Checkify became a task and checklist software.

Team Checkify

Started back in 2010 by husband and wife team, James and Louise to help their clients improve their website search engine optimisation (SEO) without using black hat methods which were common practice. It started out as a tool mainly used by technical people as it scanned to find issues that needed addressing.

The second stage of the software changed to a checklist focused results to help less technical minded people help themselves make improvements as SEO was becoming more and more important in search engine rankings.

Checkify Checklist Software can Manage  Business Processes

Our checklists help businesses to manage recurring workflow procedures and companies process management. Ensuring your processes are performed in the same way by everyone, every time. Maintaining consistency and optimising business operations using cutting edge technology that offers collaborative checklists.

Checkify is a amazing team of inspired people where everyone brings a special talent to the business.

We measure our success by saving our customers time, improving productivity and reducing  mistakes.

If our customers are happy we are happy :-)

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