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Get Organised and Boost Productivity with Checkify's Powerful Features

Whether you're a solopreneur or a small team, Checkify makes it easy to manage your checklists and tasks, so you can save time and achieve more.

Everything you need

Checklist Management

Manage your processes using the power of checklists.

Unlimited Checklists

Create as many Checklist as you need!

Unlimited Tasks

Create as many tasks as you need.

Multimedia Guides

Add videos to guide processes

Task Guide / Instructions

Document business processes in detail.
Everything you need

General Features

Library of templates to help you get started at documenting your processes.

Custom Template Library

Libray of business processes to use.


Add comments and interact with tasks and processes.

Master Blueprint Library

Create a process library of all your business processes.

Comment Attachments

Add images
Everything you need

Task Management

Manage tasks, assign task and track the progress of a task or process.

One-off Tasks

Individual Tasks

Watch & Track Tasks

Know exactly what is happening.

Priority Flagging

Identify High Priority Tasks.

Dynamic Due Dates

Set deadlines for tasks that rely on the completion of other tasks.

Tasks Assignments

Assign to the right person for the task.
Everything you need


Manage Workflow streamlining the workflows and automating reocurring processes.

Recurring Schedules

Task and Processes that take places on a regular basis.


Request approaval before completition.

Enforced Ordering

Taks and Processes must be completed in a certain order
Everything you need


Work individually and collaborate as part of a team in shared workspace


Private Spaces

Team Spaces

Communal space for team tasks and processes.

Shared Spaces

Everything you need

Power Features

Know exactly what is happening with real time alerts.

Search Everything

Powerful Search

Desktop Notifications

Real Time Notifications.

Email Reminders & Alerts

Dont forget something important.

Real Time Updates

Real time Updates and Notifications.

Mobile Notifications

Push notifications

Audit / Event Tracking

Track tasks and accountability.
Everything you need

Automation and Integration

Automate business processes saving time and reducing errors.


Automate your workflow and connect different software.


Automated messages.


Secure information exchange interface between two computer systems.
Everything you need

Training & Support

We want to help improve your business processes and get more productive.

Self Support Helpdesk

Knowledge base with documents and video help.

Personalised Training

On site training is available if required.

Email Support & In App Chat

Chatbot so someone always there to help.

Dedicated Success Manager

One person to ensure your success
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