Ethical & Environmental Policies

As a business we have a responsibility to the environment, operating in a sustainable manner and reduce our environmental impact wherever possible.

We’re Proud of our Ethical & Environmental Policy

We are very environmental focused as we all need to play our part in protecting our planet.

Servers run on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure believe in sustainability: They have committed to reducing energy, moving towards a more carbon-neutral grid, and promoting a much greener future. 

Pcs and Laptops

PC's - Computers have a Corsair reduced power consumption.

Laptops spend the summer being powered by solar panels and the sunshine.

Planting Trees

We're Giving back by Planting Trees to help the planet!

We give a percentage of all subscriptions every month to the amazing Eden Reforestation Projects. Watch how many trees you have helped plant on your dashboard

Plastic Free
We’re plastic free!

There’s no excuse for single use plastic! We do everything we can not contribute to the Global problem and pollution.
Plant Based
Plant-Based, Organic & Cruelty Free

Environment and Compassion is a Core value.

Plant-based lifestyle can help fight climate change and has a lower carbon, water and ecological footprints.
Working From Home
Work from Home Policy

People work better when they don't need to spend time commuting and also reduces their carbon footprint and reduce fossil fuels.
Reduce Waste & Recycling
High priority on reducing waste and where ever possible recycling or upcycling
Energy Conservation
Energy-saving bulbs, solar panels
Litter Picking
Collecting plastic and litter
Paper Free Office
We are a totally paper free environement
  • Here we go, we weren't going to tell you this....

    We have a composting waterless toilet as we live off grid. Won't go into details but if you want to know more drop us a message.
    Then we grow loads of veg yummmy

We will do everything we can to reduce our impact on planet Earth. 

We love working with like minded business.