Checkify Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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What is Checkify?
Checkify is a workflow and process management tool for your businesses recurring checklists and procedures.
Can I try Checkify for FREE?
Of course! We offer a single user plan which has full access to all the features just with a small limit of 5 active checklists.
How can I pay for Checkify
We take all forms of card payments using a secure processing platform
Where is Checkify Based?
We work from all over the world but our main base is on a small island called the United Kingdom.
How do I pay for Checkify?
While setting up your account you will be able to set recurring payments option so no need to worry about interrupted service.
Is this a secure site for purchases?
Absolutely! We work with top payment companies which guarantees your safety and security. All billing information is stored on our payment processing partner which has the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.
How do I install Checkify?
Installing Checkify is as simple as opening your favourite web browser. Logging into our app and when promoted you can even add to your desktop.
Is there a Checkify App?
No. You don’t need one! Checkify is progressive web app that means you just login via the website on any modern browser and you’ll be up and running in seconds.
How long are Checkify contracts?
Currently, we only offer monthly  subscription, so you can upgrade or cancel your account at any time with no further obligation.
Do I have to supply card details for a Checkify trial?
No. Absolutely no card details are required to start a single user plan.
Is my data secure with Checkify?
Our top priority is protecting your data. We use the Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure and all data is stored in highly secure managed data centres.
How Long Has Checkify Been Around?
Well, 10 years. Checkify started out as a checklist for SEO, Marketing & Developers. But we saw how the software can help all businesses to manage workflow & processes.
Are you GDPR Compliant?
We are fully compliant with The EU General Data Protection Regulation – Data protection law to strengthen the protection of “personal data” and the rights of our clients.
Is there a Checkify API?
Yes there is a Checkify API. Allowing you to integrate third party APPs and move data between Checkify to enhance Workflow.