Employees Working From Home Checklist

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Employees Working From Home Checklist

Working from home (WFH) has become the norm for many people all over the World. Technology has allowed businesses to employ the best people from anywhere in the World.

At this current time, many more companies have had to embrace working from home for the first time to keep businesses operating during this time of the global pandemic of Coronavirus. Many countries over the last few days have implemented mandatory remote work / work-from-home amid the outbreak of Covid-19 to stop social contact and limit exposure to coronavirus.

It can be quite daunting allowing employees to work from home that shifts to the ‘home office’ workspace are going to be the new normal for many of us.

Working from home for the first time can be difficult for everyone. How do you stay productive, efficient and most important keep your spirits up? But there are ways to make sure you deliver great results and avoid going stir-crazy by talking with your team.

Good communication channels are a critical part of working from home making it easy and effortless. Know exactly what is expected of everyone

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Employees Working From Home


Clear communication Channels

App: Slack, Skype, Whatsapp, Google Hangouts, FaceTime

Video conferencing communications.

App: Zoom,


Phones, laptops, computers, monitors are some examples of equipment people may need to be able to carry on with their work.

Cyber Security

Check connections are secure and encrypted so your business remains secure.

Policy on how to report security threats and get IT assistance.

Who needs a virtual private network (VPN) for encryption.

Personal Engagement

Human interaction can be easy to take for granted so include face-to-face interaction online to avoid feelings of isolation.

Include regular team conference calls, real conversation, online chat to work through problems each team member has.

Workflow and Task Management

Document business processes and business information.

Organise and prioritise tasks while setting actionable targets.

There is a number of ways employees can help themselves be more productive while working from home. How to work at home checklist can offer tips about how to set up a work environment at home.

Guidance to help everyone to be more productive at home and avoid bad habits forming that can reduce productivity. Working Remotely Success Toolbox may help you

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