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Indie Hackers Inspiration For Startup

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Indie Hackers Inspiration For Startup

Indie Hackers is a great place to read and share stories of startup life for a SaaS business. Follow stories of startups and other entrepreneurs.

We have come into contact with a few great people and using their products and services.

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HelpKit – Dominik Sobe

We met Dominik on Indie Hackers and bootstrapping his indie businesses. He has a few apps already getting traction. What sparked our interest was his new app helpkit. We are looking for a knowledge base to offer in-app help to checkify customers. 

He is offering this great concept of using Notion to backend his app making it incredibly affordable for startup businesses who can’t afford the huge products. 

Helpkit enables you to build your Knowledge Base with Notion

Other Products he offers:

App Store Previewer: Preview screenshots, videos and much more
Product Flair: Tools you need for your Product Hunt launch
Dominik Sobe: Personal Website

Copy Island – Claire Heginbotham

We Met Claire on Indie Hackers after a great post about how she had reviewed 64 startup landing pages. It is something we discuss regularly as we use copywriters and are not great with words or use too many jargons works so it really struck a chord.

Claire is a copywriter who is passionate about design,  and UX optimisation and runs her own agency Copy Island.

Sadly we have not been able to use her service because she has been inundated with requests and significantly increased the price. As a bootstrapped indie startup, it has gone out of our reach but one day….

Email Octopus –

A great find on Indie hackers. This is a simple great value tool that is like MailChimp. This is brilliant you can add signup boxes on the website and get branding removed for a small monthly cost.

SEO copy – Richie McIlroy

Another great find is Richie McIlroy who has created SEOcopy which uses AI to generate content.

It’s my new favourite tool to update old content. We pay writers to help with the content but it’s never perfect as they are full-time employees so they don’t always understand your business and how it works. 

We also tried smartcopy which has been purchased by Unbounce.

Checkify Indie Hackers

If you are part of Indie Hackers or thinking of signing up feel free to follow us @Checkify Louise & James. We are a SaaS startup making a checklist software, workflow and process management tool.

Its great to chat through ideas with other entrepreneurs.

No startup should feel alone when so many are going through a similar journey and happy to share a vast amount of knowledge. Otherwise, reach out to us at Checkify Contact Us

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  • What is Checkify?

    Checkify is a simple and easy way to manage checklists, tasks and processes all in one place. A collaborative space of business knowledge, best practices and know-how to guide team members to complete tasks perfectly every time.

    Manage workflow and track tasks to know who's doing what and where they are in the process. This enables tasks and processes to run smoothly and consistently and reduces mistakes.

    Our automation bots give checklists superpowers to make tasks happen without anyone touching a single button

  • What are the benefits of using Checkify?

    Checkify is a checklist software that allows you to manage your business processes.

    Business process management systems (BPMS) have many benefits because all businesses run on processes. The main business benefits are documenting processes, managing tasks, accountability, traceability, automation, collaboration, and increased productivity.

    Create blueprints, a how-to guide of best practices to help save time, guarantee tasks are completed the best way every time and reduce mistakes.

    These are just a few reasons why using checkify can benefit your business, so why not try it for free?

  • Checklist, To-Do List and Process Management

    Checklists are really powerful and have been proven over and over again throughout the years.

  • How can I start using Checkify?

    Getting started couldn't be easier. See how checklist and process management software can help your business.

    No need for a credit card to start so just click to sign up.

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