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MOT Checklist

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MOT Checklist

MOT Checklist to help you save some money by addressing issues before your car heads off to the test centre.

It’s that time again, time to get a new MOT for your car but what should you be aware of? What you can change and check yourself before heading off to the MOT test centre.

It might sound daunting, but you will be surprised what you can do beforehand to help reduce garage costs.

Cars need to be kept in good condition and in good working order. However, there are things that you can do to keep your vehicle running smoothly and save yourself some money.

What is an MOT?

MOTs were first introduced back in 1960 cars over ten years old but over time, that has been changed to yearly for safety.

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport, the official term the DVLA uses to describe a vehicle that can be driven on public roads. The majority of cars and vans sold in the UK are required to undergo an annual MOT test (if over three years old), which is carried out by a suitably qualified person.

The MOT test is designed to check the safety of the vehicle and to assess how well it is running. The test is carried out by checking for faults, ensuring that the lights and indicators work, and ensuring that the tyres are safe to use.

What can you check yourself before a MOT

The government sets out what must be tested on the car to allow it to pass the MOT. The test centre is supplied with a MOT Checklist of points that must be safe and roadworthy. This inspection checklist is available for you to look at

With the cost of living crisis, many people are looking at ways they can reduce costs. There are a number of things you can check yourself and replace before sending your car off for an MOT. This will save you the cost of labour, and often, you can find cheaper parts to replace anything broken.

We have created an MOT Checklist to give you points to check over.

MOT Checklist

We have broken the MOT checklist in different sections.

MOT Checklist

Seat belts

Check the seatbelts are not worn or damaged and clip them into the harness anchor points.

Warning Lights

Check the dashboard for any warning lights. These need to be addressed but it might not be a simple fix.


Check for damage on the windscreen, as there are rules regarding the location of chips and the maximum size.

Safety Equipment

Check the horn works and the mirrors are working and not broken

Exterior MOT Checklist

Registration Number plates

Check the number plates are not damaged and that the number plate light bulbs are functioning.

Indicators and hazard Lights

Check front and back indicators work and do not require bulbs. Also, don’t forget the hazard lights.

Check Headlamps

Check bulbs are working

Check Other Bulbs

Stop brake lights, fog lamps, reflectors

Wheels and tyres

The main thing that you need to do is to ensure that your tyres are in good shape.. Regularly check and replace if they are becoming worn or damaged.

Window wipers

Check window wipers are working and not worn. Fill up the screenwash and check the jets are clear for the washers.


Check for damage

MOT Test Centre Checklist

There are many other items that the MOT test centre checks that are under the car but these things you can check and address yourself instead of paying a mechanic. Every penny saved is great, but it also gets you to know your car a little better.

Car Maintenance is an ongoing process, so we have created a Basic Car Maintenance Checklist to help you keep on top of those jobs

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