COVID-19 Employees Support Checklist

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COVID-19 Employees Support Checklist

COVID-19 Employees Support package for people who need to stay at home because of being unwell or the business they work for has closed temporarily because of the Government ruling.

The Government has put a COVID-19 Business support along with a COVID-19 employee support packages. To help everyone get through this very difficult time.

The UK Government has put a financial support package together for employees.

Social distancing is being used to help prevent deaths. However mild symptoms you may have you should stay at home.  Then do not leave your home for 7 days from whenever those symptoms started if you live alone. But in 14 days you are not alone.

Advise that you should work from home wherever possible but if it is impossible to do this there are a number of support schemes at your disposal.

Furloughed workers could get 80% of wages, up to a monthly  £2,500. This needs to be agreed by both employer and employee to keep you on the payroll when unable to operate or have no work this is known as being ‘on furlough’.

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COVID-19 Employees Support Checklist

Universal Credit

Check your eligibility for Universal Credit as you must meet the eligibility criteria.

From 6 April requirements of minimum income will be temporarily relaxed.

Support for rental costs will be paid through Universal Credit

Employment Support Allowance

New Style Employment and Support Allowance with, or instead of Universal Credit, depending on National Insurance record.

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

Staying at home because of COVID-19 you can now claim SSP statutory sick pay

If you’re self-employed or not eligible for SSP make a claim for Universal Credit or new style Employment and Support Allowance.

Mortgage Holiday

Three months mortgage holiday

Contact lenders direct.

Statutory self-employment pay scheme

Self-employed or a  partnership and lost income due to coronavirus.

Allowing you to claim up to 80% of your trading profits to a maximum of £2,500pm.

Additional Information:

COVID-19: guidance for employees

Claim a grant through the coronavirus (COVID-19) Self-employment Income Support Scheme

Furlough – Temporary leave of employees due to special needs

There is a number of ways to receive support – COVID-19 Employees Support packages.

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