Types of checklist: What are the two most powerful Checklist Types?

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Types of checklist: What are the two most powerful Checklist Types?

Checklists are some of the simplest and most effective efficiency tools. When you have too much to do, a checklist can help you get through it by allowing you to arrange activities, then approach them individually. 

They help reduce avoidable mistakes by letting you focus on crucial tasks. 

In a business where there is too much information to deal with, it might be necessary to use more than one list. Companies have different types of checklists from which to pick. 

Knowing when to use a checklist is not enough, you must also be able to select the most useful one. For that, you should learn how different lists work.

Types of Checklist

How many types of checklists are there? Two. What are the two types of checklists? Read-Do and Do-Confirm checklists are about how you use checklists.

Checklists have been proven to be a very powerful tool to improve safety throughout history (pre flight checklist and Nasa Checklist). Then research was carried out by Atul Gawande who then wrote a book called the checklist manifesto.

Due to the popularity of checklists, the tools have evolved significantly over time as people find different ways to approach efficiency. Some lists are more prominent than others. A to-do list is a standard. The list allows you to do one thing after another until it’s complete. Other kinds include discipline, troubleshooting, coordination and task lists

However, this article focuses on the primary modes of list-making read-do and do-confirm. The two types of checklists will help avoid and reduce mistakes and accomplish more increasing workflow productivity.

Once you grasp how the main types of checklists function, then the rest come easy.

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What is a Do-Confirm Checklist?

In a do-confirm list, you are working from memory.

The purpose of the checklist is to help you verify that you have done the tasks you need to. So, you can do several things before pausing to check the list for confirmation.

Example Do-confirm Checklist: Pilot checklists are the best examples. Pre-flight checklists were introduced to ensure that important safety tasks haven’t been overlooked in complicated aeroplanes. 

A pilot already has the takeoff checklist memorised but might still have to look at it after a few steps to be sure. A do-confirm list ensures that you don’t miss anything and helps the pilot fly a plane safely.

What is a Read-Do Checklist?

A read-do list is where you look at the listed activities, then carry them out. 

Therefore, you handle tasks as they appear on the list; from one to the next.

Example Read-Do Checklist: Cooking from a recipe is an example of a read-do checklist. A read-do checklist simplifies repetitive processes because you can establish the best way to deal with them and use that as a template for every employee.

Which Checklist is Right?

how to decide which one is right for you? Deciding on a checklist can be tedious, especially if you have a large operation and staff. The checklist you choose to help run everyday business operations should align with company objectives. 

Thus, begin by defining the needs of your organisation. Look at the different roles of the teams that require checklists. Select the list that matches the circumstances better. 

Which checklist is right for your business? For example, in a process where tasks have to be exact, a read-do checklist is suitable. However, if a team is handling a process where some activities can be out of sequence, then a do-confirm checklist works. 

Do confirm or read do checklist? Difference between Read-Do and Do-Confirm. The biggest difference between the two is that a do-confirm checklist gives more freedom, while a read-do checklist is about precision.

Checkify Checklist

How do you know everything is being completed perfectly every time and nothing is missed?  Checklists are your answer. There offer a guide on how a task must be completed for the best possible results.

Here at Checkify we love checklists and see the tremendous power they offer businesses to run tasks and processes, reduce mistakes and errors and be more efficient and productive.

Checkify offers you the ability to use both types of checklist in your business along with individual one-off tasks.

Create checklists in Checkify that have the option that can be completed in any order or that must run in a set order and that requires approval. Also the ability to assign the checklist or just an individual task within checklists to the best person to perform the task.

Create a process library of checklists, with a detailed instruction manual attached, a how-to guide that is always available to follow which outlines the necessary and best steps that need to be taken for the best possible outcomes.

Checkify Checklists help stop mistakes and make assigning and outsourcing tasks simple. Checklists are like recipes to follow to create the perfect cake.

Tips for Creating Checklists

Checklists can be simple as paper and a pencil, or more technical as in a spreadsheet or a checklist software or to do list app.

Whatever kind of checklist you pick, you should know how to structure it for maximum efficiency. A checklist should be short and accurate. Adding too many items to a list can make it hard to complete. So, try to have only five items but less than ten items on a list as Gawande suggested in his research. 

Each item on a checklist should be integral to helping employees meet their goals. Therefore, ensure that each task is supposed to be there. An effective list should contain the most important tasks.

Accessibility is critical if it is not easy to access or use, it will be forgotten or not used.

Reviewing and continual improvement of the checklist are important to increase effectiveness and increase efficiency.

A good checklist increases efficiency and, consequently, productivity. Hence, you have to make sure that you get the correct one. Depending on the situation, it might take more than one list. Therefore, learn how different types of checklist cater to your requirements.

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