Enthusiasm: Spark Success & Increase Productivity

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Enthusiasm: Spark Success & Increase Productivity

The correlation between enthusiasm and success is undeniable. If you were to watch a group of successful people talking about their careers and achievements it would quickly become clear that the one thing they all have in common is a passion for their work.

There’s simply no hiding from the fact that enthusiasm boosts productivity and gets results. The same is true for your team, the more enthusiastic they are the better their personal productivity levels and results will be.

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Reignite Enthusiasm to Drive Success

Unfortunately, there might come a time when your team seems to lose their get up and go. But fear not, all is not lost and there are several simple things that you can do to reignite their drive to succeed.

Get to know your team

If you take the time to really get to know your team and understand their individual strengths and weaknesses, you’ll soon learn exactly how to keep them engaged and also how to help them improve.

A deeper understanding of your team will allow you to adapt their roles and their workspace to best suit their needs. This will lead to a maximisation of your team’s potential by making them feel valued and enthusiastic about hitting their targets.

Listen to your team

Nothing is more demotivating at work than feeling ignored. That’s why it’s super important that you remain open-minded and welcoming towards employee opinions and suggestions.

If employees feel that their voice is valued then they are more likely to feel enthusiastic about their work and targets. Open communication not only helps to build mutual respect but also helps to improve team morale and output.

Create a sense of greater purpose

A lack of understanding about how their role contributes to the wider success of the team can quickly lead employees to become less enthusiastic. If a role is performed in complete isolation then employees will lose sight of the bigger picture, creating a sense of detachment that can quickly lead to demotivation, apathy and low productivity.

Counter this by making sure that every member of your team fully understands the importance of their personal contributions towards the team’s shared success and achievements. This will create a greater sense of belonging and a shared vision towards meeting the team’s goals.

Share your team’s goals

A good team leader shouldn’t feel like they are constantly fighting against their team to get the results they desire. Instead, they should feel like they are fighting for their team’s best interests. Sharing the goals of your team is key to keeping them feeling motivated and enthusiastic at work.

Understanding what your employees want out of their careers will enable you to help them improve on a personal level while keeping them onboard and enthusiastic about the team’s targets.

Offering constructive, employee-specific feedback will let your team members know that you genuinely care about helping them to improve and achieve their personal goals.

This in turn will increase positivity and motivate them to give their all towards achieving team goals.

Thank your team

A simple acknowledgement of a job well done is one of the best ways to keep your team enthusiastic. This is especially true for times when a team member goes the extra mile. If someone goes above and beyond what is expected of them but doesn’t receive any thanks for it they’ll feel that the extra effort isn’t appreciated, valued or worth it.

Offering thanks and praise when results exceed expectations makes your team feel proud of what they’ve achieved and will boost their enthusiasm towards continued effort and productivity.

Enthusiasm is Contagious.

“Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm.”

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Enthusiasm, Energy, Excitement, essential ingredient for success.

Business enthusiasm is contagious so spread it around and share your excitement so everybody can feed off it.

This isn’t just team members but also remember to greet customers with enthusiasm, let them share your enthusiastic energy so they are excited about their experience with you.

Create an Environment filled with Success

Don’t be afraid to point out and share success. Nothing breeds success and enthusiasm like an environment filled with amazing success stories.

Acknowledge Success:

Make sure you acknowledge success so everyone in the team knows and can share in your successes and excitement.

Think about ringing a bell with every sale, having awards or accolades to bring out that pride of accomplishment or a virtual thumbs up for a job well done. Post on social media so customers can also share in the successes.

Surprises of Appreciation

Everyone loves a surprise to get something they were not expecting. Do something unexpected and a pleasant surprise for everyone.
Surprise afternoon off after a successful project or even a small gift of appreciation or an extra bonus.

It’s not about cost it’s the gesture that counts the thank you for your hard work.

In return, you will get goodwill and warm feelings from everyone and will boost their productivity.

Ignite Passion:

Emotion is what drives the best outcomes. Get people all excited and fired up and they will achieve amazing things. What makes each team member tick?

Some people have a competitive spirit, just crave praise and appreciation or want increased responsibility within the team? Find out what sparks their desire to succeed?

Humour and Personal Element

Don’t always be serious. Yes business is important and figures and results are key but your team need to see you are human.

A little personal glimpse into your life to help everyone understand each other a little better. Share photos of your DIY weekend skills, your crazy pets or even day trips out.

We are naturally social beings and we craze personal interactions to make people feel relaxed in your presence.

Share your passion, drive and enthusiasm to make your team thrive and experience greater success. Improving teamwork skills and manager qualities can help yourself and your team.

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