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Is It Too Soon To Develop Using the Blazor Experimental Framework?

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Is It Too Soon To Develop Using the Blazor Experimental Framework?

Blazor Framework, I am still buzzing with excitement about finding Blazor.

Spent two weeks continuously reading every article I can find about it and still slightly confused and scared to start such a major project in an experimental framework. Everything about it makes me happy and excited to learn but what happens if Microsoft does not decide to support it?

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Blazor -What makes me love the idea

Well as I have explained before my whole working life as a full stack developer I have based my technical knowledge on Microsoft products. I suppose it started out as they were the best in the market and were always ahead of competitors and became stable products for some of the big projects I have been involved in.

Now the world has changed with the evolution of open sourced products it has given people so many more options when it comes to development. I love experimenting and trialling all these great new products but always go back to C# and .NET.

Hello world Blazor
Hello world Blazor

What makes Blazor so different?

OK, this is what I LOVE the most.
It’s really as simple as this “What is Blazor? .NET running in the browser!

No longer experimental Blazor is GO GO GO

Great news has arrived on the latest blog post from Daniel Roth on the Blazor team that as from April 18th, 2019 it is on the official preview! Graduated from experimental status to a preview and how it will be part of .NET Core 3.0

So Lets Start Building Checkify Web App Development Using Blazor

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