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Hit By a Bus – Bus Proof Your Business

Hit By a Bus - Bus Proof Your Business 7

OK not trying to be all doom and gloom but do you know how your business would carry on if one of the main team members was hit by a bus?

As a child always remember being told to make sure I wore clean underwear in case I was run over by a bus. What is this obsession with the bus and how we all could die under the wheels of the bus!! 

Lets not just blame buses for all accidents but instead look at it as a sudden, possibly unpreventable accident with no warning signs. a pure accident…

Do you need to prepare your business for a hit by a bus event? But how as a business can you prepare and become bus proof?

Bus Proof Knowledge

Are you worried about making plans or can you muddle on and get through? 

Right now think of everyone working within your business and that knowledge that has helped build and grow the business. This is not all documented but stored in people’s heads.

Is someone a single source of knowledge on a certain subject or only person that has a skill that no one else in the team or the department has? Would there be someone who knows enough about what that key person does to take over? 

How would it affect business if a key person was hit by a bus? Is your business knowledge bus proof?

Pool of Knowledge

So what knowledge do you have within your business which you might not realise is a business asset.

Well its tacit knowledge, the extensive pool of knowledge within the business which needs to be harnessed for the future. Experience and skills of your employees can be passed on to their colleagues and successors.

This knowledge could be invaluable in setting you apart from your competitors.

The biggest challenge is gathering this knowledge in a central location so it can be used in a productive way. Consider the  benefits of capturing and being able to use this knowledge more effectively in day to day work life?

Capturing Knowledge

If you exclude thinking about a worst case scenario for capturing and benefiting from documented knowledge.

Think how productivity could benefit from a shared knowledge and expertise. Someone already knows the best way to get things done so why not share that with everyone so it always gets done the best way every time. Saving time, money and most important giving customers the best service you can offer.

Business efficiency could be increased, by making us of in-house expertise. Better awareness of business processes management and standard operating procedures.

Hit By A Bus Plan Can Help Every Day Business

Whether you are planning for sickness, staff leaving or the dreaded hit by a bus scenario or a major event and continuity planning.

Documenting your business process to share knowledge can help increase productivity, reduce errors, manage workflow, improve collaborate all whilst guaranteeing things get done how you want every time!

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