Guide to Business Process Management – and how it can make your business more awesome

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Guide to Business Process Management – and how it can make your business more awesome

If you hear the words business process management you may find your eyes glazing over and your thoughts turning to what you’re going to have for lunch. But despite its rather dull-sounding name, BPM (to use its abbreviation) is actually pretty cool.

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What is Business Process Management BPM?

It’s your step-by-step plan for achieving your business goals.

Business process management is just like a recipe. It includes all the vital ingredients, along with a set of instructions to take your important business activities from start to finish, successfully and on time. But instead of a delicious chocolate cake at the end (unless you’re a bakery owner, of course), your finish line could be a product ordered and shipped to a satisfied customer.

With Checkify you can quickly and easily create clear checklists, so your team can work together to get things done, without any confusion.

How can it benefit you?

Business process management will help you to manage and improve your company’s processes and standard operating procedures, so the good bits are repeated and blunders are avoided.

The right system will ensure the day-to-day running of your company is as smooth as a bowling green, saving you time and money. You’ll be able to manage recurring tasks and easily track your team’s performance.

What’s more, when your processes experience fewer hiccups, your team will be more productive. They won’t be struggling to follow seemingly endless email trails; there’s no need with a clear checklist to follow instead! And that means they’ll be free to focus on what really matters: on helping your business to fly.

How does BPM work?

With BPM you can turn complicated tasks into a simple, easy-to-follow checklist. You can choose who performs which activity and assign it to the relevant people, so everyone is clear on who will be doing what and when.

You can also track progress, and see what’s working and what isn’t. If something isn’t going quite to plan, no problem; the system is as flexible as an Olympic gymnast, so it’s no biggie if you want to make changes along the way.

These easy-to-use checklists will allow your business operations to be carried out the same way by everyone, every time. In fact, once you start using business process management, you’ll wonder how you managed without it!

What can BPM be used for?

Well, pretty much anything.

This indispensable business tool can work its magic on a wide range of tasks, from quoting for new projects to hiring new team members.

It will transform how your human resources, sales, finance teams etc. are run – and will even come in handy when it’s time to plan your annual Christmas party!

So whether you want to approve timesheets quickly, coordinate sparkling marketing campaigns or be on time with paying invoices, business process management will make these tasks – and more – a doddle.

And you don’t need to be a large company for BPM to make a difference. Businesses of any size can experience the joy of smooth, efficient and flexible processes.

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