SMART Goal Setting

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SMART Goal Setting

SMART goal setting is a way to clarify ideas, focus your efforts, use your time more productively, thus increasing chances of achieving what you set out to achieve.

SMART is an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. Setting goals results in action backed up by data.

Setting SMART goals helps clarify your ideas, focus your efforts, better time management. Increase productivity and increase your chances of achieving what you want to.

Great to use in project management as well as personal development.

Associated with Peter Drucker‘s management by objectives concept

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SMART Goal Setting Checklist


Clear specific goal

Think the five “Ws”

  • What you want to achieve?
  • Why is this goal so important?
  • Who is needs to be involved?
  • Where is this best located?
  • Which resources  are involved?


Analytics measurable goals with one or more metrics help you to stay focused.

Track your progress and stay motivated. 

How will I know when achieved your goal?


Is it realistic and achievable within your resources?

How can this goal be accomplished? How realistic is the goal?


With current resources like time and money, is it possible to accomplish the goals?

  • Worthwhile
  • Timing
  • Fit efforts/needs?
  • Right person 
  • Economic environment



Time frame set a deadline to focus on and give you something to work toward. 

Other Goal Setting Methodolgies

Edwin Locke is the father of goal setting when he created the theory of goal setting. The other types of goal setting you can consider is CLEAR goals and OKRs.

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