Customer Journey Checklist

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Customer Journey Checklist

Customer journey checklist is the steps you need to follow to create the story of how your customers arrive. Designed to provide insights into how you can create the most effective and efficient process for your customers.

From the point of first discovery to that final purchase decision point.  Get a sense of what motivates purchases from their needs and pain points.

Products and services should be about solving customers’ problems and helping them achieve success. This can be used in your market research and strategy planning.

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Create a buyer persona who represents your average customer and their demographics. Helpful to keep reminding you how to direct every aspect of the journey towards them.

The process of creating an effective customer journey checklist and map can continually guide you to what actions your customers are performing. Like searching, pain point and problem awareness, different options in the purchasing options, and post-purchase support.

Customer Journey Checklist

How will a person become your customer?

Eureka moment, where your potential customers’ goals and yours align.

Consider marketing strategy that can help your customers identify there is a product or service that answers their needs and can help them reach their goals.


Touchpoints and process of getting the information needed about your product or service.

Key Elements Process: Points of interactions between your brand and customers before purchase, purchase, and post-purchase.

Pain Points

Identify customers pain points and the moments of delight and Eureka.

Image how your customers might feel during their customer journey.

Create a visual map to take a bird’s eye view of the entire journey.


Gathering information and reviews to make a knowledgeable decision.

Evaluating the possible alternatives that are available in the market.


Purchasing process from the deciding moment until completed the payment.


How did they find out about the company?

What goals do they want to achieve? What problems are they trying to solve that you might help with?


List out all actions customers take throughout their interaction.

Are they getting the information they need? How easily can they connect to that information? 

Current values and lifestyle relationship?

If variables in choosing the right product or service simple or overly complicated?


Gathering information and evaluating alternatives on offer to make sure they are making a knowledgeable decision.


The process of purchasing that final deciding moment until completing the sale.

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