Data BackUp Checklist

Small Business Data BackUp Checklist

Data BackUp is critical to protect your business as the biggest business danger is data loss.

Protect your business from fire, theft and cyber crime.

All businesses, small or large should take regular backups of their critical data. Think of it as an insurance against data loss.

Ransomware malware can attach to backups automatically, which means backup would be infected, leaving you no way to recover.

Data backup and cyber security is important to protect your business.

Data BackUp

First step identify essential data your business couldn't function without.

USB stick, external hard drive or a separate computer which is not permanently connected to network.

Beware of backing up viruses, worms, trojans over your data.

Cloud storage means your data is physically separate from your location.

Meaning it is not human-dependent.

Test back up files to ensure it works and ensure its capturing all of the files you require.

Backup strategy is never complete without a successful restore test.

Disaster recovery plan outlines the steps required in case a disaster strikes.

Ensure the backup all your current data is being backed up, and that your data restoration procedures works.

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