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Intellectual Property Checklist

Intellectual Property Checklist 9

Intellectual property (IP) is to protect creations such as inventions, literary, artistic creations, designs, logos and symbols, names and images.

Protecting your creations makes it easier to take legal action against anyone who blatantly steals or copies it without permission.

There are many types of  ways you can protect your intellectual property, and some countries do this differently. 

When a patent is granted it becomes the property of the creator.

Intellectual Property Checklist

Intellectual Property Checklist 10

Register Copyright

Copyright applies to work that is recorded in some way.

Intellectual Property Checklist 10

Register Trademarks

A unique distinctive trademark.

Business name, word, slogan, design, symbol or other unique item that identifies a product or company.

Registered trademarks may be identified by the abbreviation ‘TM’, or the ‘®’ symbol

Intellectual Property Checklist 10

International Trademark System

Madrid System provides a facility to submit trademarks applications to many countries at one time.

Intellectual Property Checklist 10

Register Patent

Patents apply to inventions and industrial processes.

Patents typically take 2 to 3 years to be granted.

Intellectual Property Checklist 10

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

PCT – The International Patent System

Intellectual Property Checklist 10

Register Design Rights

Designs may be subject to both copyright and design rights.

Intellectual Property Checklist 10

The International Design System

Hage System the International Registration of Industrial Designs.

Intellectual Property Worldwide

Checklist of countries you may want to register you Intellectual Property.

WIPO – World Intellectual Property
USA There is a differentiation between marks used for products or services Classification called service-marks used for services.
EU European CTM Community Trade Mark (CTM) which covers the mark in all EU countries.

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