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Invoicing Process Checklist

Invoicing Process Checklist 5

Invoicing process can be stressful but this checklst can help you streamline the whole process.

Making the invoicing process simpler can benefit both time and even more important helping the money flow in sooner.

Invoicing Process Checklist

Detailed Quotes

Avoid misunderstandings provide written detailed quotes that the customer needs to accept before work starts.

Document in detail what they will be receiving for the stated price.

Agree Payment Terms

Set out fair and reasonable terms for payment.
Example: Due on receipt, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days

Beware big companies pay on their terms, not yours.

Invoice Straightaway

Invoice the moment a job has been completed. 

Fresh in everyone’s mind and means its not forgotten.


Call the customer check they received the invoice and everything is correct.

If larger company know who is responsible for payments and speak direct.  Confirm no queries about the invoic

Payment Options

Having different methods of taking payment offer choices. Thes can aid getting paid promptly.

Example: card payment, bank transfer, online payment options.

Chase Date

Set a firm date that you will chase outstanding invoices.

Prioritise this to keep on top of finances. Have a debt recovery process.

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