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Network Security Checklist

Network Security Checklist 1

Network security is an essential part of modern business and might seem too complex but there are steps you can take to protect your network and data, both hardware and software solutions.

It is impossible to make networks 100% secure but  certain measures can be taken to help reduce the risks and threats your business faces.

These threats  come from many different fronts. For example the more users on multiple devices using numerous different applications, the more vulnerable your network becomes.

Review Network Security Solutions and Network Security Policy.

Network Security Checklist

Network Security Checklist 2

Monitor Traffic

Monitor traffic both ways, coming in and going out your firewall.

Read reports and don’t rely on alerts to identify dangerous activity.

Network Security Checklist 2


Check firewall and anti-virus software is secure and update with latest patches.

Prevent threats from getting in by keeping security patches up to date.

Network Security Checklist 2

Threat Activity

Watch out for new threats, recently discovered and confirmed software vulnerabilities and exploits.

Network Security Checklist 2

Security Protocols Training

Train all team members in security protocols and report anything suspicious.

Training what to do, what not to do, and how to protect the network.

Network Security Checklist 2

Data Backups

Protect against data loss.

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