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Resignation Checklist

Resignation Checklist 9

Resignation is the formal notification to your employer that you’ve decided to change jobs and leave the business. 

Its giving your employer a notice period to find someone to fill your role and for you to hand over to a replacement. 

Check your work contract for your official notice requirement.

Decided  I want to quit my job but make sure you are aware of the steps to achieve this.

Resignation Checklist

Your work contract with state the notice period required for leaving.

Most ask for one month notice to enable recuruiting and handover.

Write a formal letter of resignation keeping everything  simple and to the point.

Even if you hate your job remember you are likely to need to ask for a letter of  recommendation or a reference  for your new role.

As to talk to your manager, supervisor or the person your report to notify and handover your formal letter of resignation.

Make sure this person is aware you are leaving before anyone else.

You should receive formal confirmation of acceptance of you leaving. This should include an expected final work date.

This can include accumulated holidays so could be sooner than you think.

Now the formal part is done let your work colleagues aware. This can be just to let them know or because it will affect their working life.

This needs to be agreed for both your current employer and your new employer.

Working with your contract and outstanding owned holidays.

What are you required to do to help your leaving run smoothly

Do you need to train someone new? Do you need to help with recruitment?

References are important so dont forget to make sure your have organised for this to be done.

Be honest but not rude. Some see it as an opportunity to tell the boss exactly what they think without fear.

The business want to learn from your departure, understand why, how they can improve things and what changes or lessons can be learned.

If you have work phones, laptops or any other property that you use to carry out your job remember to hand back.

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