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Glastonbury Festival Checklist

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Glastonbury Festival Checklist

Glastonbury Festival is all about music, relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere but two things you need to start thinking about is the weather and what are the important things you need to take with you to have the best time. This is why we have put together a festival essential Glastonbury checklist.

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Weather is very unpredictable as we’ve all seen pictures of people rolling in the mud in the rain you have to be prepared for all eventualities that the British weather can through at you. This checklist is to help you think about everything you need to ensure you have a great music festival.

Think about environmental things like plastic, waste and pollution. Why not bring a reusable water bottle and fill from the free water taps, only bring plastic free & biodegradable wipes and don’t buy single-use tents and leave them behind. Just a few ideas that can help reduce Glastonbury waste.

Glastonbury have now added disposable e-cigarettes to the do not bring list as part of their efforts to ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’.

Please remember to check out your equipment beforehand like tents have poles and pegs

Glastonbury Festival Basics Checklist

Everything you need to ensure you have a great music festival

Check you have your tickets.
Either downloaded available on your phone. Remember phone signals could be bad so make sure you have them easily available.


Make sure you have some form of ID


Do you know how to get there? If you are driving make sure you have the postcode for GPS. If you are taking Train or bus know where and know you will get there.

Medical Alert Bracelet

Keep you safe in an emergency, communicate medical important information. Make sure if you become ill people can easily identify essential information.

Emergency Contacts

Have a group emergency contact list and a printed list.

Money / cards

How will you pay for the beer without money? Make sure you have money but also think where you can store it safely. Think about putting you credit / debit cards in a anti-skimming wallet for protection.

Glastonbury Festival Camping Checklist

Camping equipment checklist for festival

Keeping dry is the key. Make sure it has a sewn in waterproof ground sheet and room to store you belongings.


How are you going to move your equipment around? You might have to walk a long way so think of investing in a trolley.

Folding chair

Have a chair to sit and relax in. These are so simple but so comfortable to sit around in the sunshine or in the evenings with friends.

Sleeping Bag

You need something to sleep. Sleeping bags need to cater for it being hot or cold and rainy. Sleeping bags are rated for summer to winter use

Roll Mat

Roll mats offer you insulation from the cold and damp ground and a great investment. Adds a little comfort to your camping experience.


You need a place where you can keep you clothes dry and easily move around.

Reusable water bottle

Most festivals now allow you to fill your water bottle rather than buying water which produced huge amounts of plastic waste.

Toilet Roll

Need we say more… Essential never to be forgotten

Torch / Head Torch

Walking around at night head torches offer a great walk for you to see in front of you without having to hold a torch in your hand.

Spare Batteries

Always have spares to put in torch but also think about a power pack for charging your phone.

Inflatable pillow

A little luxury. The pack down to a tiny size but will make sleeping a little better.

Glastonbury Festival Cooking Checklist

Are you going to cook at the festival? Don’t forget essential festival cooking items.
Food & Drink (No Glass)

Plan what you plan on eating and stock up. You can get dehydrated food which you just add boiling water.

Camp Stove

Boiling a kettle for a cup of tea or even cooking a fry up these are a simple and fairly cheap piece of cooking equipment.

Stove Fuel

Remember extra fuel

Matches / Lighter

Lighting a stove. You can also get refillable long tip fire lighters

Cooking Equipment

Pots, pans, frying pan and kettle. Spatulas, tongs and oven gloves. Base this on what you plans are for cooking.

Cool Box

Keep food from going off or the beer cold.

Cutlery and Utensils

Plates, bowls and knives and forks

BBQ & BBQ Fuel

Check to see if BBQs are allowed. Think of BBQ safety

Washing Up

Collapsible bowls are great way to save space

Tea Towels

For washing up and wiping up spills

Glastonbury Festival Essentials Checklist

Essential clothes and hygiene checklist
Wellies / Boots (long socks)

Wellies are a festival essential especially in the UK. Mud, mud glorious mud.
Dont forget long socks to go underneath or get some nasty blisters around the top of the wellies


Flat shoes (trainers) to be able to walk around it and transport equipment to your camping area.


Dry yourself from rain or after a shower. They are also be great for extra warmth if the temperatures drop.

Waterproof Jacket

Cater for rain, rain and more rain.


Temperatures can vary. You are likely to need a jumper in the evenings even if been sunny all day.

Portable phone charger

Who can service without a phone. Think of ways to charge the battery. Power pack, solar etc

Change of clothes

Clothes for all weathers

Fancy dress

Festivals are never the same without dressing up. Plan your costume.

Sun Tan Lotion

Protect your skin from the sun

Sun Cap / Rain Hat

Multipurpose would be great.


Plan for good weather

Bug Repellent

Camping and evenings outside always leads to bites so consider bug repellent.


Shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Dry shampoo

You can wash your hair without water.

Baby wipes

Plastic free & biodegradable

Basic First Aid Kit

Blister plasters and antiseptic cream

Hangover Paracetamol

No one wants for feel rough all day think about hangover treatments

Anti-bacterial hand-wash / Hand sanitiser

Essential to stop sharing bugs and when using the toilets keep a bottle in your pocket.

Earplugs / Eyemask

It will be noisy until late into the night. If you are likely to want to go to sleep before the music and partying stops then consider these.


Energy might drop or you get the munchies. Pack lots of snacks and energy food.

Pegs (wet clothes)

Pegs are great for so many things. Hanging up wet clothes to dry and even a tent repair.

Ducktape (emergency repairs)

Accidents happen and ducktape can be a great item to repair a great big hole in a tent.


OK yet another essential even if you think you won’t need them. Be prepared!

Bag for dirty clothes

Smelly, wet washing yuk. Keep it away from dry and clean clothes by popping it into it own bag.

What 3 Words App

What 3 words allows you to share you location to within 3 metre square to emergency services

Don’t leave valuables in tents

Do Not Bring to Glastonbury Checklist

Several items are not allowed at the Glastonbury festival.

These take up too much space

No Glass

Glass can be dangerous and used inappropriately, so is not allowed. This includes perfume and mirrors, for example.

Disposable vapes

These can pollute the environment and are hazardous.


No knives are permitted

Disposable Wipes

Wipes – EVEN biodegradable wipes, These are detromental to the environement plus consider a face cloth/ flannel instead.

Non-biodegradable Body Glitter

Micro plastics are causing great harm to planet.

Dangerous Items

Fireworks, sky lanterns or kites, laser pens, and knives.

Confiscated items will NOT be returned.

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