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Go Green Office Checklist

Go Green Office Checklist 1

Go Green Office implementing an eco-friendly strategy is an essential part of modern business.

There are a number of small changes that can help your office become more environmentally friendly and a green office space. A few small changes can have a significant impact and save businesses money. Every business regardless of size can play its role in reducing their environmental impact.

Screensavers are not the answer actually switch off your computers when not in use, and use sleep whenever you have to step away to save power.

Supply staff with “real” mugs and glasses, rather than disposables. Maybe supply a tap filter for water rather than than bottled mineral water. Choose coffee brands based on the recyclability or milk in a glass bottle over plastic. These all make a difference.

Another simple change like the office cleaning products. Use green environmentally friendly products that reduce damaging to the environment. 

These tips will help change towards a more green office and become more environmentally friendly to help prevent climate change.

Go Green Office Checklist

Go Green Office Checklist 2

Reduce Power Consumption

New equipement look at power consumption. Decrease the Brightness on computer monitors.

Turn off all electronics, lighting, and heating when going home in the evening.

Dont leave on standby by unplug.​

Go Green Office Checklist 2


The need for paper in the workplace has rapidly decreased with the option of cloud storage services.

Go Green Office Checklist 2

Reduce Plastic

Reduce or go plastic free on packaging and reliance on single-use products. Remember tea bags contain plastic.

Reusable mugs and glasses and glass milk delivery. Choose glass jars or tins over plastic.

Offer filtered tap water.

Go Green Office Checklist 2


Good lighting is essential  but change to low power LED lights and bulbs. 

Consider motion-activated lights so lights are not left on by accident.

Utilise and increase natural light. Avoid turning on lights in the day time by keeping curtains, or blinds open.

Go Green Office Checklist 2

Renewable Energy

Install green power sources, like solar or wind power on the building.

Get your electricity supply from a green energy company.

Go Green Office Checklist 2


Programmable temperature control of temperature stability and dropping  a few degrees can be beneficial to the environment.

Go Green Office Checklist 2

Reduce, Recycle and Reuse

Recycle separate recycling bin and composting in the kitchen.

Reuse any items that you can.

Go Green Office Checklist 2

Dress Code

Casual dress code means employees can dress more appropriately for the season.

Suits require dry cleaning which use hazardous for the environment.

Go Green Office Checklist 2

Indoor Plants

 Help increase the quality of air by boosting oxygen levels and removing pollutants.

Go Green Office Checklist 2


Lower commuting emissions by incentivising walking, cycling, car share, or taking public transit to the office.

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