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Happiness Checklist

Happiness Checklist 1

Happiness is an Inside Job  a deep feeling inside your heart to celebrate your life.

Seek happiness in everything that you do.

Happiness Checklist

Happiness Checklist 2


Rejoice in moments we share together.

Happiness Checklist 2


Wishing the best for your friends.

Happiness Checklist 2


Engaging in a random act of kindness.

Happiness Checklist 2


 Sharing involves reciprocal giving.

Happiness Checklist 2


Connecting with others. Hugging

Happiness Checklist 2


Listening to anothers thoughts and feelings.

Happiness Checklist 2


Support and caring about the happiness of others.

Happiness Checklist 2


 Experience others’ feelings with a desire to help.

Happiness Checklist 2


Fun and Laughter.

Happiness Checklist 2

Holding a Hand

Maintaining contact with the person you love has been proven to reduce stress.

Happiness Checklist 2


Conscious and Awarenes: Focusing one’s awareness on the present moment in time.

Happiness Checklist 2


Teaching the mind and body to experience joy in the moment.

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Louise Burton-Payne

Checklist Ambassador

Digital marking, SEO & social media are a great passion of mine. Love to be ultra organised and love checklists and to-do lists so dream situation to hybrid the two with Checkify :-) Technology can help reduce the pressure and stress of trying to remember everything. Automation saves time and reduces mistakes.

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