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Happiness Checklist

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Happiness Checklist

Happiness is an Inside Job a deep feeling inside your heart to celebrate your life.

Seek happiness in everything that you do.

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Happiness was once thought of as a personal trait like a sunny disposition, then perceived as acquisitions, but it is far more an inside job! 

Happiness Checklist

Seek happiness in everything that you do

Rejoice in moments we share together.


Wishing the best for your friends.


Engaging in a random act of kindness.


Sharing involves reciprocal giving.


Connecting with others. Hugging


Listening to anothers thoughts and feelings.


Support and caring about the happiness of others.


Experience others’ feelings with a desire to help.


Fun and Laughter.

Holding a Hand

Maintaining contact with the person you love has been proven to reduce stress.


Conscious and Awareness Mindfulness: Focusing one’s awareness on the present moment in time.


Teaching the mind and body to experience joy in the moment.

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  • Why is a Checklist Important?

    Does the running of your business include several repetitive tasks? If there’s no guidance or procedure in place, it’s possible for some of the steps in the process to get forgotten. This is why checklists are important.

    People get distracted, and when something gets forgotten, it’s much harder to recover than if they’d completed the task right in the first place.

    Guidance every step of the way makes sure something is completed perfectly every time.

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  • Checklist To Reduce Mistakes

    We all carry enormous knowledge and experience that we want to apply effectively, but we are all prone to make mistakes. There’s only so much we can store in our heads without forgetting something. How to maximise our use of knowledge?

    The simple answer to this problem is to use checklists.

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  • What types of checklist are there?

    How many types of checklists are there? Two. What are the two types of checklists? Read-Do and Do-Confirm checklists are about how you use checklists.

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  • Checklist Software

    A checklist is a way to document each step needed to complete a task. A detailed set of instructions, a guide of how something is done. 

    Checklist software allows you to document every step of a process to be used over and over again.

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