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Pandemic Checklist

Pandemic Checklist 32

Pandemic is a global health epidemic of a disease spreading across the globe. There are two steps before you reach the declaration of a pandemic.

Starting with an “outbreak” which  confirmed cases are contained in a small geographic region.

If it spreads beyond the original small area of the outbreak then it becomes an epidemic.

According to WHO Pandemics are epidemics that cross international boundaries so affect  large numbers of people throughout the world.

The word itself is used carefully so not amplifying unnecessary fear and panic.

Hand washing is the most important measure for reducing transmission of many germs.

Limiting the spread of viruses and germs is key to hold the spread.

Pandemic checklist

Pandemic Checklist 33

Wash Hands

Soap and water with paper towels to be disposed of.

Alcohol hand sanitizer

Pandemic Checklist 33

Cover Mouth and Nose

Cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing.

Cough and sneeze into a tissue and dispose or in the crook of your elbow rather than hands. 

Pandemic Checklist 33

Stay Home

Stay away from others to slow the spread.

Stay home from work and school

Pandemic Checklist 33

Surgical Masks / Respirators

Prevent exposure

Pandemic Checklist 33

Regular Cleaning

Disinfectants to clean surfaces

Pandemic Checklist 33

Food and Water

Have at least a week supply of food like tinned / canned foods

Bottled water

Pandemic Checklist 33


Keep supplies non prescription medications like pain relief, cold remedies, stomach medicine, and rehydration tablets.

Prescription medication get extra supply of your regular drugs.

Pandemic Checklist 33

Emergency Supplies

Prepare for outages in electricity so have a torch and spare batteries.

Tissues, toilet paper but also don’t forget pet food.

Current Health Situations

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General  said  that we’re on the precipice of a pandemic.

As yet they have stopped short of describing COVID-19 coronavirus as a pandemic, but likely to be just a matter of time.

Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)

Norovirus is another fast spreading virus which can make people very sick.

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