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Portable BBQ Checklist

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Portable BBQ Checklist

Portable BBQ Checklist. Fancy a picnic in the park and going to take a disposable BBQ here is our checklist to help you.

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BBQ safety to protect both yourselves and your property is important.

Portable BBQ Checklist

Disposable BBQ Checklist
Appropriate Size

Select appropriate size BBQ for the quantity of food you need to cook.


Level non-flammable surface not close to flammable items like trees and bushes.


They take time to warm up and have a limited burn time

Cooling Time

Allow time to cool so can be disposed of safely.

Matches / Lighter

To light the BBQ


Keep water near by either bucket or hose pipe to extinguish in an Emergency.


Find approciate way to depose of the portable BBQ.


Spatula, tongs and fork

Apron and Gloves

Protect your clothes and skin from heat, hot fat and sparks.

Anti-bacterial wipes

Wipe hand of raw juices. Stop cross-contamination of raw and cooked foods which can lead to food poisoning.


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