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Recycling Checklist

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Recycling Checklist

Recycling is a way to help our planet stay healthy and happy! When we recycle, we can reduce the number of new materials that need to be made, which means less pollution and reduces damage to the environment.

Recycling reduces the need for extracting, refining and processing new raw materials. These processes can result in additional air and water pollution.

Save energy by conserving non-renewable fossil fuels, reducing energy consumption and the number of raw materials wasted. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to tackle climate change and global warming.

Metal and glass can be recycled again and again without loss of quality.

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Steel can be recycled time and time again without loss of quality. Aluminium can be recycled forever it can be recycled directly back into itself over and over again. Aluminium and steel tins and cans can easily be recycled and there are huge environmental benefits for doing this.

It isn’t difficult, and you can do it at home, at work or on the go but you make an impact on the environment.

It’s #RecyclingWeek  so lets help protect our planet and think about a Plastic Free Lifestyle.

Recycling Checklist

Lets help protect our planet
Reduce Packaging

By selecting items without packaging you instantly reduce waste and the need to recycle.

Recyclable Packaging

Select products on its ability to be recycled.

Example: Glass, Aluminium, Steel

Avoid black plastic trays used for ready meals unlikely to be recyclable.

Food Waste

All food can be recycled so it’s easy to get started! Composting.

Check Local Options

What recycling options do you have in your area? Be aware of what cant be recycled in your local area.

Most things can be recycled, but not everything!

Plastic Contamination

Separate all of your recyclable materials if it gets mixed it can be rejected.

Recycling becomes contaminated when the wrong types of waste materials that cannot be recycled are mixed with items that can be.

Remove lids from their plastic bottles.

Rinse & Clean

Rinse out food packaging and drinks bottles before recycling or it can be rejected.


Cardboard & paper with grease-stained or has been used to wipe up food, is no longer recyclable.

Think pizza boxes / Cake boxes / Kitchen paper.

Local Centres

Where is your local recycling centre? Know where and what you can recycle at your local centre.

Recycling Symbols

Check symbols on packaging to find out what can and cannot be recycled. For recycling process to be a success, plastic types must not be mixed.

Numbers 1-7 identifies which type of plastic it is.

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