Silversmithing: Make a Ring Checklist

Silversmithing is the crafting objects out of silver mainly jewellery.

Using hand tools to cut, bend and shape using silver, gold and copper.

Many jewellery objects can be made by a silversmith like rings, ear rings, necklaces.

Silversmithing: Make a ring Checklist

Silver Wire or Sheet

Cut length of wire or metal sheet.

Calculate the length from a ring sizing guide. 

Can be exact size or slightly longer and then cut down.

Flatten End

Flattening one end by filing flat

Exact Length

Piercing saw cut to exact length calculated for size. Then file flat to make sure it will join up with other side.


Texture with a hammer if required.

Anneal & Pickle

Anneal the metal to soften and pickle to clean

Form on Mandrel

Using mandrel bend round then compress until an oval so the ends touch.

TIP: Bend slightly past  the position and let pop back to hold itself in perfect position.

Clean & Flux

Clean end with wire wool and flux the joint.

Heat Metal

Warm the metal till flux goes fluffy and white

Cut Solder & Flux

Now cut piece of solder (tiny)

Flux the piece of solder and place the solder under the join point.

Heating to Join

Warm metal again from far side then start going around and around the ring.

Wait for the solder to flash and go silver and fill the join

Quench & Pickle

Cool the ring in water and pickle to clean.

Clean Join Up

Sand and file away excess solder.

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