5 ws Improve Project Management Efficiency

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5 ws Improve Project Management Efficiency

5 Ws improves project management efficiency. Project management methodologies are a great way to remind us of the basics of keeping a new project on track. Enabling you to focus on the fundamentals of the project while helping keep your real project goals insight.

Clarifying what you’re really trying to accomplish.

Project Management Efficiency

Improving project management efficiency using the concept of 5 Ws to explain “what is the PROJECT” and really understand your objectives.

The 5 Ws

The 5 Ws (and 1 H) or 5W1H helps establish the fundamentals of your project. Makes you ask questions and gather basic information and set out goals and objectives before embarking on your new project.

Also allows you to problem solve, identify root cause of a problem, or clarify a goal definition. Properly defining the project makes the goal clearer and easier to follow.

Five Ws Steps

  • WHY – Define the project. Understand the needs/problem or opportunities.
  • WHAT – Understanding the process issue, problem. WHAT can we do to address the above needs?
  • WHO – Identifying who may have direct or indirect involvement.
  • WHEN – Specific start and end time.
  • WHERE – Pinpoint the problem location. Where will your project be done? Where will it be delivered?
  • HOW – How will it be implemented?
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