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Gantt Chart: Project Management Tool

Gantt Chart: Project Management Tool 5

What is a Gantt Chart? Simply put, a visual bar chart thats gives a view of tasks to help you schedule and track a project progress on a timeline.

These can be used for planning projects of variety of sizes as they  show what work is happening and what date it should be complete. Creating one simple view  of a projects start and end dates and task management in between.

History of Gantt Charts

Why is it called Gantt chart? It named after the man who developed it Henry Gantt an American mechanical engineer back in around  1910. Created as a project management tool and were first used on large construction projects like the huge engineering project of building the Hoover Dam.

Associate and colleague Frederick Taylor came up with Taylorism through the development of scientific management.

What is Gantt chart used for?

Gantt chart give a graphical view of a  timeline that helps planning, scheduling, coordination, and track specific tasks in a project management.

Giving you a clear illustrate how the project will run. Giving an overview of individual tasks, their time scale and the sequence these tasks will flow. Help assess how long a project should take, along with resources needed to complete the tasks. 

Gantt Chart Project Management Tool

Gantt charts are a great project management tool but not the only option.

What project management tools could i use? There are many tools to help with efficiency and productivity in project management. Common ones are:

  • Gantt chart
  • PERT chart
  • Mind map
  • WBS chart
  • Status table
  • Fishbone diagram

All these tools offer different ways to track a project and are all incredibly useful for visualising the project.

Do you need Project , Process or Task Management?

Projects are made up of a bunch of processes and tasks. 

Task management software and process management software controls the process of managing tasks helping you complete the project efficiently the best way possible.

Checkify offers both processes management and task management in the form of checklists which mean you can guarantee best practices and great results utilising workflow management. This  way of working can offer increased productivity,  reduce mistakes and time management.

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