Charlotte Valve 3D Printed Respirators

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Charlotte Valve 3D Printed Respirators

Technology helping fight the coronavirus is just an amazing story. Already believed to be helping hundreds of peoples lives using a simple snorkel and 3D printer.

Isinnova a small start-up Italian company has shared their easy to make 3D  file for the valve for anyone to use for free to help people during this pandemic. They have named it the Charlotte Valve.

By simply connecting the 3D-printed C-PAP (continuous positive airway pressure) with an easy breath snorkelling mask made by decathlon with an oxygen supply it will work just like a ventilator explains Alessandro Romaioli.

This virus is making people so inventive and trying to help people in need. 

Well done Isinnova so inspiring. #BeatingCoronavirusWithTec

masque decathlon
masque decathlon

Charlotte Value Checklist

3D Printer

FDM filament printer

PLA Filament

Common filament PLA (polylactic) is odourless as people need to breathe air through it.

Easybreath Snorkel Mask

Easybreath snorkelling mask by decathlon.


Oxygen Source

Patient Consent

Authorisation to use a non-certified medical device without CE mark.

How to print a Charlotte Valve

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