Collaboration Tools Help Efficiency and Improve Communication

Collaboration Tools: Help Efficiency and Improve Communication

Many collaborative tools for business

Collaboration tools are fast becoming the new norm and a permanent feature of the modern workplace. Giving teams the tools they need to work with each other from any location. Allowing employees to work together from anywhere on the planet, at any time using the power of technology and the internet.

Getting teams to work collaboratively together increases efficiency, ensuring everyone is kept in the loop keeps everything moving at a faster pace and increased project success. 

What is Collaboration?

Collaboration is the process of a group of people coming together and contributing their expertise for the benefit enabling them to achieve a common business goal.

Teamwork and Collaboration: Drives Success in the Workplace

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What are the Advantages of Collaboration?

Why collaboration is important? Working as a team and collaborating helps divide up complex tasks, find creative solutions to problems, and then share the workout with the best person.

Team members can learn from each other and have a hugely positive effect on morale.

Digital Collaboration

Is digital collaboration tools worth the investment?

Research by Deloitte revealed that digital collaboration was fundamental for workplace happiness.  A staggering 17% were more satisfied when having access to effective digital collaborative tools. Studies show employee engagement can be worth as much as  19% of operations income to enterprises so could be a simple way to improve business performance and significantly improve productivity levels.

Collaboration Tools

There are many collaborative tools for business on the market and all do very different things. Whether is you are looking for video conferencing,  to do list, workflow management, project management or checklist app /software to name a few. So many offer a great way for workplace collaboration and collaboration tools.

Skype - Free video, voice one-to-one and group calls, and instant messaging.

Zoom - Video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars.

Google Meet - Video conferencing.

Microsoft Teams - Workplace chat, video meetings, and file storage.

Slack - Messaging platform share messages and files with your team.

Google Drive - File storage and sharing.

OneDrive - File hosting service

Dropbox - File cloud storage - Project Management

Clickup - Project management 

Todoist - To do List

Checkify - Task management, workflow management, checklist software and process management.

Salesforce - Customer relationship management system(CRM)

Collaboration Tools Benefits

What can collaboration workflow offer your business? Make it quick and easy to communicate, collaborate, and get work done improving workflow and reducing lead times.

Team Interaction - Improving team interaction, especially with the evolving world of remote workers and teams that are geographically dispersed around the World.

Quick and Easy Access to Information - Make sure all team members have access to the up to date information and task progress. Know how best to carry out that process with detailed checklists to guide all in a central location. 

Knowledge Sharing - Tacit knowledge is a company’s primary asset that is sometimes forgotten.

All team members have a wealth of knowledge and experience that can give you an edge over your competitors. But more importantly, needs to be harnessed and gathered together and documented.

Document the know-how and experience of your most senior team members so that the knowledge of how things run within the business is never lost. Gives you a guide if someone leaves the business, sickness or even worse happens

Knowledge sharing is an extremely good way to teach new members of the team how best to carry out a task. These give them great foundations to work from so enabling them to work more efficient quickly.

Communication - Keep in touch with team members at all times and improve workflow.

Communication tools like real-time collaboration tools allow everyone to know what is happening, where they are in their workflow and offers increased transparency.

Accountability - Know who is working on what and when. 

Increase Team Productivity - Help increase productivity by getting rid of time spent searching for information and answers on how a task should be performed when it needs completing by and allocated to the best person for the task.

Removes the dreaded email chain and help move tasks and projects forward quicker. Get information to team members in seconds, rather than waiting for them to reply back to an email.

Technology can offer you the ability to work as a team even if you are all working remotely using a collaborative workflow app.

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Why Collaboration is Important?

When people collaborate, they share skills, expertise and experiences in an effort to maximise the chances of success. It involves people making decisions as a unit. Participants establish processes and implement them in the best way possible.

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Teamwork and Collaboration

At first glance, the two concepts appear the same. Learning the distinction between collaboration and teamwork is the first step to setting the workplace in order. 

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Workplace Collaboration

Why collaboration is important and how it can benefit your business. Collaboration is where people work together united towards achieving a common goal. It happens when a group of people share skills and ideas to achieve a set goal.

There are best practices you can follow if you want to encourage more collaboration in the workplace. Here are some tips to get you started.

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Collaboration Tools

Why collaboration is important? Working as a team and collaborating helps divide up complex tasks, find creative solutions to problems, and then share the workout with the best person.

Team members can learn from each other and have a hugely positive effect on morale.