Make a Checklist help your business save time and money?

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Make a Checklist help your business save time and money?

We all have busy lives and so many things that we need to do and remember so we naturally make a checklist constantly running in our minds. The problem with our minds we can easily find ourselves forgetting something.

Giving someone a checklist for a task increases the chances of completing it, spurs people to get stuff done, encourages collaboration, inspires delegation and prevent errors caused by skipping basic steps.

Experts suggest that having a checklist of your daily tasks not only helps you get things done and stay on top of important projects, but it also helps you sleep better at night.

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Why make a checklist?

Making checklists has always been a part of our life.

For students, help study for exams and learn materials for tests. Businesses use them to make sure no step is missed and to keep organized and on top of tasks.

One problem we’ve always had with checklists is that we end up having to copy and paste the same things over and over again and then we either forget something or it’s not organized properly.

Checkify solves this problem by giving you a simple way to organize your tasks and create checklists specific to what you’re working on at the moment.

That way you can spend less time organizing and more time getting things done.

Make a Checklist To Save Time and Money

  • Save time, energy, stress and support success as you spend less time fixing mistakes.
  • Structuring our work in checklists enables easier delegation of tasks to others as your processes are performed the same way by everyone, every time.
  • Onboarding Process – New members of the team, remote workers or staff holiday that need covering with everything documented others can then follow that checklist process.
  • Reminding you of everything you need to remember to run smoothly, increase productivity and manage workflow.
  • Reduce mistakes and improve safety so critical steps in the process are not forgotten.
  • Consistency of service and results. If everyone is completing tasks the same way every time, that produces the best possible results. Clients and customers will receive continuity in product and service.
  • The power of a simple checklist to reduce mistakes. Checklist are a step by step guide of how something must be completed to achieve the best possible results.

Making Checklists Research

There has been a lot of research on the power of checklists. One of the most famous published was “The Checklist Manifesto.”

The Power of Checklists: Research has found that the use of checklists in surgery resulted in a 15 per cent reduction in deaths and a 34 per cent reduction in complications. In an industry where even one life lost is too many, such statistics are staggering.

In a study published in the journal Psychological Science, researchers from the University of Toronto and Duke University demonstrated how effective checklists can be at ensuring that patients receive the right treatment for their ailments. In the study, researchers found that patients undergoing a certain knee surgery were 12 per cent less likely to have complications when they were provided with a checklist of things to do before and after surgery. The checklist was so effective that it did not matter whether patients were highly educated or regularly read medical literature.

Checklist Software

Checkify checklist software that allows you to make a checklist as a way to document business processes to guide each member of the team to complete a process in a certain way.

Checkify allows you to create one-off tasks but also create complex checklists that must run in a set order, allowing you to assign different tasks within the checklist to different people so the right person is always completing the task. Trigger additional checklists on the completion of certain tasks, set completion dates or use integrations with other software to start a process.

Checkify gives you a way to manage your business processes and tasks and well manage workflow.

Checklist management software gives the flexibility to build and adapt processes quickly creating standard operating procedures to guide your business processes thus saving time.

See what the power of a checklist in business has for you. Make Checklists and save time and money!

Checklists Improve Productivity

Checklists are one of the most powerful productivity tools, yet it is often overlooked.

Making checklists help our lives run more smoothly.

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