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Employee Onboarding Process Checklist

What you need to do to help a new team member settle in and make their first few weeks a success?

New employee onboarding process sets out what you need to do to help a new team member settle in and make their first few weeks a success?

Handling the first few days and months of a new employee's experience is crucial in ensuring new hires are engaged in their new role and hit the ground running from day one and helps higher retention.

Get Started, Ask for an Invite

Onboarding can be a complex process and involves many important steps from formal documentation and workplace integration.

Looking to employ a new member of the team. Our step-by-step employee onboarding process is a checklist for an effective onboarding process.

A must-have checklist for every HR team.

Employee Onboarding Process Checklist

Help a new team member settle in
Contact Candidate

Identified candidates, contact candiates via email or phone, Set interview date and time.

Official Job Offer

Found the perfect candidate make an official offer by telephone, or email.

Prepare Job Offer Letter

Make it official.

Lay out everything within a Job Offer

Signed Off

Get everyone that needs to sign off the appointment.

Await Formal Acceptance

Set a date by which you require an acceptance or decline for the position.

Confirm Start Date

Mutual agreed start date working with notice period from previous job.

Create Employee File

Document the recruitment process.

Attach CV, Contact details, Notes from interview.

Start Pre Employment Checklist

What Pre employment checks do you need to run?

Contact references provided to determine information regarding previous employment is accurate.

Prepare for First Day

Access, training, equipement,