NHS Children Mental Health Checklist

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NHS Children Mental Health Checklist

Children mental health during the current pandemic has to be a top priority. The strange unusual circumstances of the coronavirus and the country in lockdown and them being stopped from seeing family and friends.

Some children are now preparing to return to school and parents must be on the lookout for telltale signs of mental health problems.

Health professionals have warned that returning to school under very different rules and ways of working could cause great distress. The environment they remember will be very different and could heighten anxiety for many children.

Also, children who are not returning yet when friends and family are able to may feel different and excluded. All very normal responses to a very abnormal situation.

Lookout for mental health struggles in children during these very difficult times. The NHS has created a checklist of signs that parents should look out for in returning to school.

Children Mental Health Checklist


Being more upset than usual and finding it hard to manage their emotions.


Appear anxious or distressed.

Sleeping and Eating

Trouble sleeping and eating


Low mood, withdrawn or even tearful.


Negative thoughts about themselves.

Worried about the future.

Bed Wetting

More bedwetting.

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