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Business Budget Tracker Checklist

Business Budget Tracker Checklist 9

Business budget tracking is crucial for every business whether a start up or a long established company. Your business budget should help maintain a healthy cash flow.

The business budget should help you establish how much money you need to launch your business. Identify how much it will cost to run the business. Finally know how much  you need to earn to meet your operating costs and also provide some sort of income.

Crunching these numbers help discover if the business is viable and know your operating costs and what incomes you should get.

To keep your budget healthy you need to keep track of a number of things so we have created a checklist.

Business Budget Tracking Checklist

Money coming into the business.


Everything you spend on running your business.

Rent, rates, salaries, equipment and materials, additional services.

Everything you earn after your expenses have been deducted.

Dont forget you need to pay tax.

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