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Business Plan Checklist

Business Plan Checklist 9

Write a Business Plan a detailed outline of what you plan to do and how you plan to achieve it and one of the most important documents for your new venture.

The purpose of a business plan is to determine the probability that a business idea will be successful in the marketplace.

A place to set out your business proposition, identifying the market you are aiming for, who your potential customers are and research of competitors in the market..

Important elements of a business plan like goals, strategies, marketing and sales, financial forecasts and management structure.

Business Plan Checklist

Business Plan Checklist 10

Define the Opportunity

Define and map out your products and services.

Business Plan Checklist 10

Define Unique Selling Point (USP)

What differentiates your products or services from competitors.

Business Plan Checklist 10

Find Business Mentor

Right mentor to provide much-needed business advice.

Business Plan Checklist 10

Create Business Plan

Written document that describes your core business objectives.

Business Plan Checklist 10

Outline A Plan

Outline how you’ll execute the plan.

What needs to be done and when.

Business Plan Checklist 10

Milestones or Goals

Map out business milestones or goals.

Set the plan tactics into practical milestones. Milestones are what you use to convert your business strategy and tactics into action. Example include launch dates.

Business Plan Checklist 10

Company Overview

Overview of the most important points about your company.

Business Plan Checklist 10

Financial Projections

Planning out and working on your company’s financial projections enables you budget for your new business.

Business Plan Checklist 10

Running Costs

Your new business will have specific costs. Having an idea of the cost of running a the business is fundamental.

Business Plan Checklist 10

Business Structure

Set Up Your Business Structure.

Deciding on which formal business structure to use and register.

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