Marketing Basics Checklist

Getting started with marketing a new business
marketing a new business

Marketing Basics for new buisness. Exciting times ahead, you have decided to start your own business. You have the idea and passion but need to know the basics for marketing a new business checklist.

Websites are an ideal way for small businesses to tell people who they are, what they do and how they can benefit lives and businesses. Online presence is essential for any new startup business.

Once you have created your website you need to think about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Marketing basics must also include social media marketing as also important whether you love it or hate it, it can help business.

Think about blogging to create more content on your website that can be shared socially. Make different types of content like videos or create podcast to attrack your customers / followers.


Marketing Basics Checklist

Register Website Domain

Your website domain name is your business home online.

Create Website

Create a simple brochure website only needs to have a few pages but are the foundation for most marketing. Websites are a simple online business card for potential customers to see.

Make sure mobile-friendly

Create Social Network Accounts

Social media is one of the cheapest easiest forms of marketing. Potential lead generation, brand awareness, and recommendations.

Set Up Email

Branded email address makes you look professional and more memorable in your customers’ inbox.

Build Email List

The most cost-effective marketing channels.

Blogging / Vlogging

Write or vlog about your business and share a wealth of knowledge and become an authority in your field. It will also help improve your search engine ranking for free

Marketing Basics Checklist

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