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Business Travel Documents Checklist

Business Travel Documents Checklist 1

Business travel document checklist helps you prepare for your foreign business travel.

Cultural and religious considerations when travelling for business must still be mindful of cultural traditions.

There are a number of items similar that you need for holiday travel like travel documents and travel first aid kits but work items

Business Travel Documents Checklist

Passport & Visas

Ensure that you have at least 6 months validity on your passport.


Travel Documents / Itinerary

Full travel Itinerary with a schedule of events, timings and meeting.

Flight Reservation
Train Reservation
Hotel Reservation
Car Parking
Car / Airport Transfers


Health Insurance

Driving Licence

Check if you need an international driving permit (IDP).


Cash / Travellers Cheques / Credit Card

Call your bank or credit card provider to advice you are travelling.

Business Paperwork / Presentation

Agenda’s & Meeting notes

Business Equipement

Laptop and Phone

Travel Items

Luggage – Carry on or suitcase
Plug adaptors for your laptop and mobile
Additional Power Source

Emergency Contacts

Who should be contacted in case of emergency?

Please state any medical details which we should be aware of and GP details, name, address and phone number.

Cultural Considerations

Consider foreign etiquette, customs, and protocol of the country you are visiting.

Country Social Mannerisms and Etiquette
Country Laws
Religious Rules


Copies of your passport – Paper, Digital and with a friend.

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