Corporate Hospitality Checklist

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Corporate Hospitality Checklist

Corporate hospitality entertains clients in order to promote business, especially at sporting or other public events.

Corporate hospitality plays a vital role in achieving marketing goals. Building and strengthening the relationship between business and client.

It also helps to develop long-term relationships with clients by creating an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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What is Corporate Hospitality?

Hospitality is a service industry. In this sense, it is a form of tourism and has been defined as “the art and science of making people feel welcome”. Hospitality is a core component of every business’s brand and reputation – both in the workplace and the community at large. It is also a key differentiator between businesses and an important part of your corporate branding strategy.

Corporate hospitality core focus is the entertainment of clients and prospective clients, employees, guests and the local community. This is a core part of any successful business, and it must be present in every aspect of your business. When you think about it, this is the most important element of any business: making people feel welcome.

The best companies make people feel special, whether that means providing them with free food or drinks, or simply offering them a warm smile when they walk through the door. This is what will help keep your business thriving, and growing. It is important to develop a unique corporate hospitality strategy for your business.

Remember to include everything from menu development to event planning, and everything in between. Corporate hospitality should be designed to help your business grow and thrive.

Corporate Hospitality Checklist

Event planning can be stressful to make sure nothing is missed so a checklist can be the answer.

Corporate Hospitality Checklist

Entertaining clients to promote business.
Purpose /Reason

Memories, enjoyment, spend time together, front of mind clients, getting to know people better.

Type Event

Team bonding, Family fun day, motor sports, wimbledon.

Day / Date

Day week, weekend – remember people value weekends and being with family. Day in week can be cost effective.


Staff, Clients and will partners be invited?


Price per head.

Bribery and Corruption Act

Only take existing clients.

Style and Structure of Day

Length, consists of activity but also time together.

Food / Drinks

Refreshments available.


How will you deem it a success?

Corporate Hospitality Strategy

This is done through a well-planned corporate hospitality strategy that takes into account all aspects of the event including the venue, food, beverages and entertainment. The corporate hospitality industry is one of the most exciting sectors in the hospitality industry. There are many types of corporate hospitality, which include; Product Launches Corporate Parties, Conventions & Conferences and Sales Promotion Events

Corporate hospitality also provides opportunities for employers to attract new business, generate goodwill and increase employee loyalty. For example, in a sports event, corporate hospitality can be used to create a special atmosphere for guests, to provide food and beverages in an inviting environment and to promote a brand.

Why is Corporate Hospitality Important?

Corporate hospitality is important for any business to have. Here are some reasons why:

It makes people feel welcomed. Your employees are the face of your business, so the impression they make on customers is a big factor in how your business is perceived. A warm welcome will make customers more likely to return, and more likely to recommend you to friends and family.

It helps retain employees. Hospitality helps employees feel valued and appreciated. It’s the ultimate reward for hard work, and an integral part of your employee retention strategy. It shows that you care about your staff.

A sense of community is important to any business. Your employees are your community, and the first impressions they leave with clients and prospects will set the tone for your business. It sets a good example for others. When your employees are treated well, it’s more likely that other people in your business will be treated well too. This can build trust and reputation in your organization. It increases your brand awareness.

Corporate Hospitality Benefits

There are many benefits for the organisation that offer corporate hospitality. These benefits include:

The cost of providing corporate hospitality is often lower than other forms of marketing. Corporate hospitality is highly cost-effective, as the cost per person is usually low. It allows companies to extend their brand and build their reputation by making them accessible to a wider audience.

Corporate hospitality has the ability to attract more people to an event by creating an experience for them. The best thing about corporate hospitality is that it can be tailored to meet the needs of the client. It can be personalised to meet their needs, tastes and budget.

The most common type of corporate hospitality is product launches, which occur when new products are launched. This is because the client is buying the product and therefore wants to try it out and see how they like it.

Corporate hospitality is very popular in the corporate world. In fact, almost 90% of all companies in the United States offer some form of corporate hospitality. Corporate hospitality can be provided at any kind of event. 

Corporate Hospitality Legalalities

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