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Event Planning Checklist

Event Planning Checklist 1

Event planning is the organisation and creation of all of the activities that surround an special event with established goals and objectives.

Events could be a party, a festival, a sports event, a team building activity, a conference, a convention or a tradeshow.

Event planning is all about coordinating the most awesome event.

Whether you are planning an event or corporate hospitality make sure you dont forget a checklist can help keep your event on track. 

Event Planning Checklist

Set Objectives

What do you want the event to achieve, and why?


Key People

Identify Venue

Check venue capacity.

Potential Date

Identify the best date and time.

Check the availability of key people.

Opportunities and Benefits

Define the opportunities and benefits the event will offer attendees.

Communication Channels

How will you promote event.



Fix a budget- Cost the event as accurately as possible.

Hire Costs

Event costs

Venue staging
Audio visual equipment


Potential benefits worth the cost and time involved?

Attendee Charge

Free event lacks perceived value.

Project Plan

Draw up a detailed project plan.


Draw up a detailed timeline.


Set clear deadlines.

Success or Failure

How will evaluate success or failure?

Follow Up

Set post-event guest follow-up.

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Louise Burton-Payne

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Digital marking, SEO & social media are a great passion of mine. Love to be ultra organised and love checklists and to-do lists so dream situation to hybrid the two with Checkify :-) Technology can help reduce the pressure and stress of trying to remember everything. Automation saves time and reduces mistakes.

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