Creating Business Processes Checklist

Creating Business Processes Checklist

Creating business processes can be difficult to get just right.

Creating business processes can be difficult to get just right. Here we have put together a checklist to guide you in things you should think about when creating business processes.

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Processes are not a one off task but a continuous process of improvement. 

What makes a good business process?

Creating Business Processes Checklist

Simple Processes

Business processes should be made as simple as possible this will help avoid points of error in execution process.

Complexity in processes can make it difficult to follow. Also making it more difficult to follow, inspect, analysis and control.

Robust Processes

Process development must include making sure the processes are robust.

Consider conditions, environmental factors and different circumstances.

Document Processes

Great business processes need to be documented.

This can be either written or electronic.Business Process Management software like Checkify can offer a solution.

Without documentation it becomes unwritten information of tribal knowledge.

Documented processes allows each process to be completed the same way every time.

Controlled Processes

Process must be executed in a well managed controlled way. Enabling the process to be completed the exact way every time and reduce errors.


Communication between each participant in the process is essential.

Everyone needs to understand their role within the process.

Mistakes and Error Proofing

Safeguarding against mistakes and errors in the process execution.

Prevent defects and errors and detect as soon as possible. Prevent avoidable mistakes.

Visual indicatorsGuides and RemindersApproval ProcessPoke Yoke error proofing

Processes designed to prevent human errors

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