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Daily Toilet Cleaning Checklist

Dirty toilets or bathrooms can lead to serious health issues and diseases.

Toilet cleanliness is vital to every human being so we have created the daily toilet cleaning checklist. Dirty toilets or bathrooms can lead to serious health issues and diseases. Proper cleaning procedures will effectively remove bacteria and viruses. Although it is not complicated, it is possible to get it wrong or forget important steps in the daily toilet cleaning.

Whether you are a cleaning company, professional cleaner, office cleaner or a person at home wanting to make sure you don't miss a step in the cleaning process.

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There is a proper way to clean a toilet that can avoid the transmission of bacteria and viruses that might be present. This guide will assist you in ensuring effective maintenance of toilets, minimizing health risks, and providing a professional high standard toilet cleaning service. 

This checklist with ten simple steps will guide you in daily toilet cleaning.

Daily Toilet Cleaning Checklist

Wear Protective Clothes

Wear waterproof gloves used solely for cleaning the toilet. This will protect your hands from germs and chemicals within cleaning products.

Ensure you wear gloves and goggles before cleaning toilets.

Gather Required Materials and Prepare the Area

Having the required cleaning supplies will make cleaning the toilet easier and quicker.

Examples of essentials you need include a toilet brush, multi-surface cleaner and sponge.

Remove extra items around the toilet to avoid splashing toilet water.

Scrub Toilet Inside

Flush the toilet to moisten the bowl.

Then pour toilet cleaning detergent that is capable of eliminating any stains from the sides of the bowl.

Give it a few minutes, then brush the bowl with a toilet brush. Scrub the bowl thoroughly with a lot of effort.

Flush the toilet while the lid is intact to reduce toilet plume which plays a role in the transmission of infectious diseases.

In case there are stains, repeat the process until it is clean.

NOTE: Careful not to mix bleach with toilet cleaner. Think about working with bleach safety.

Wipe the Toilet Seat and the Outside

Start at the top and wipe with a wet sponge and warm water the outside of the toilet to remove dirt.

Then apply a disinfectant spray and wipe all the surfaces such as lid, tank, flushing handle, seat exterior of the bowl and base.

Dust and Mop Floors

To remove dust, get the duster with a long handle and remove cobwebs in the vents and corners.

Once done, mop or vacuum the floors.

Clean Sink

Spray a disinfectant bathroom cleaner all over the sink and wipe with a sponge.

Rinse the sink with running water.

Wipe Mirrors

Spray glass cleaner on a cloth, then wipe from the top in a zig-zag pattern and flip to the dry side, wipe and finish.

Wipe Surfaces

Spray all-purpose cleaner on a sponge and wipe down all the surfaces such as doors, racks, windows.

Work in sections to ensure you clean all areas.

Check Soap and Towels

Check that the soap is full if the hand dryer is functioning, and refill paper towels

Rubbish Emptied

Dispose of rubbish in the designated waste area.Wash hands after cleaning the toilet.

Toilets Contain Germs, Mould and Yeast

According to  NSF International Household Germ Study 2011 27% of the toilet seats and amazing 14% of toilet handles contained alarmingly high amounts of germs, mold, and yeast, because people aren't cleaning their toilets properly.

Read Cleaning Product Instructions

Read cleaning product instructions to make sure they are going to do what you want and give you the results you require. Does the product need to stay wet with the cleaner for a certain amount of time to kill germs entirely.

Products may claim they kill 99% of germs and bacteria but if it is a quick wipe over in a matter of seconds it may not be effective. The disinfectant needs to be able to air dry.

Professional Cleaning Company Checklists

How Checkify can help professional cleaning companies and contract cleaners ensure staff are doing everything they need to do. Creating a checklist to follow guarantees staff members don't miss an important step. 

Following a checklist can jog the mind and prevent mistakes and offer guidance of the best process that must be followed. Online checklists also offer accountability and trackability to tasks

Daily Toilet Cleaning Checklist

This Daily Toilet Cleaning Checklist is designed to make you think about what needs to be done daily to keep a toilet or restroom clean. 

It is very important to keep the toilet clean and we hope this will help and guide you in the toilet cleaning process. Enjoy daily toilet cleaning checklist.