Preparing for Employee Appraisal Checklist

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Preparing for Employee Appraisal Checklist

Employee appraisal checklist is aimed at the employee to start preparing for their appraisal and get the most out of it. Preparing for your appraisal can be daunting, but making the most of your appraisal as an employee is paramount.

Employee appraisals can be extremely stressful for both parties, the appraiser and the appraiser, but the appraisal must work both ways. Input from both sides of the table.

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What should you think about before your appraisal? Or, if you are in HR and want a checklist for performance appraisals, take a look at this other checklist to help you conduct an appraisal and get the best results.

Employee Appraisal Checklist

Do your Homework

It pays to prepare for your upcoming appraisal and think about what you’re going to discuss.

Be Prepared

Make sure you attend your appraisal armed with proof of your work, facts, and figures. You should also prepare yourself mentally to be calm, act rationally, and get your point across.

Think about your Future

Have an idea of what you want to work on in the future.

Draw up your own Goals and Objectives

Set a few goals of your own, as these will help your manager understand your work better.

What is an employee appraisal?

Appraisals can also be called performance reviews, employee development plans or employee growth plans all similar processes for helping employees improve skills for their current employment but also moving forward for the future.

What is an employee appraisal in employment?

The purpose of doing employee appraisals is to get feedback from you and others in your job roles so that you can progress further in your career.

It is an evaluation of your performance based on certain performance criteria that have been decided by the business. The purpose of doing appraisals is to get feedback from you and others in your job so that you can progress further in your career.

The value of appraisals is increased if they are done annually after objectives have been set. Research has shown appraisals can have positive results on work performance.

Appraisals should be conducted with a certain amount of formality and must observe any legal obligations that exist.

Appraisals are about covering both past performance and plans for the future. It’s important to note that every appraisal should include strengths and weaknesses and details of what can be done to improve over time.

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