Fire Safety Training Checklist

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Fire Safety Training Checklist

Fire safety training helps provide employees with the knowledge needed to be aware of what can cause fires and what action to take in the event of a fire.

There is a legal requirement for certain members of staff to be trained in fire safety procedures to implement the plan in an emergency.

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Fire safety training should be included in your new employee health & safety training and should be carried out on a regular basis. 

Fire Safety Training Checklist

Fire safety procedures
Fire Safety Procedures

Documented fire safety procedure describing actions to be taken in the event of fire also assigning responsibility for each action.

Identify staff member who are trained in fire safety.

Evacuation Training

What actions need to be taken in the event of a fire.

  • Fire Exits
  • Fire Evacuation Route
  • Assembly Points
  • Alternative Routes
Fire Brigade

Correct method for calling the Fire Brigade

Alarm Points

Location of nearest fire alarm point and aware how to activate them.

Fire Extinguishers

Location of fire extinguishers and training how they work.

Training to identify which fire extinguishers can be used with different equipment. Which type of fire requires different extinguishers.

Fire Alarm Test

Make aware what day and time you have fire alarm tests.

Risk Assessment

Identify fire risks on the premises and review it regularly.

Advise staff risks you’ve identified.


Identify disabilities or difficulties to responding to an fire evacuation.

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