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New Employee Health & Safety

New Employee Health & Safety 9

New Employee Health & Safety​ is important. Employers have legal responsibility and duty of care to ensure that everyone has a safe and healthy workplace. Make sure new members of staff know how to keep themselves safe and fully trained with equipement.

Employees also have a responsibility under the law to take care of their own health and safety and that of others.

Providing training and information if new equipement is introduced to the 

Temporary / contracting / agency workers should also receive an induction to health and safety in the workplace.

Health and safety could be incorporated into your onboarding process.

New Employee Health & Safety​ Checklist

New Employee Health & Safety 10

Health & Safety Statement

Health and  Safety Statement explains how health and safety is going to be managed within the business.

New Employee Health & Safety 10

Fire Procedure

Fire Evacuation & Assembly Points.

New Employee Health & Safety 10


Equipement Handling Training.

Specific Health and Safety training

New Employee Health & Safety 10


Health and Safety Induction video.

New Employee Health & Safety 10

First Aid

First aid supplies & identify who the first aider is within the department.

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  1. employees who are happy and feel secure in their current workplace are less likely to change their employer even for slight pay increments. Employers who focus on employee wellbeing have turnover rates of around 70-75% as compared to those who don’t focus on workplace wellness. And that’s why employee health is essential. Besides, they also feel like their organization cares for them. This sense of care is what stops them from going to a new workplace, and they deliver their best to your company. It’s like how a person works for his family. Employee health makes that bond between you and your employee.

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